Architecture for Dialogue specializes in creating transformative spaces that provoke thought and instigate conversation around the future of our living environments.

What’s new ︎︎︎

opens at Khoj Studios, Delhi

Adopting a spatial lens to study air pollution – how air inhabits our lives and affects different typologies of our everyday spaces.

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The Serpents of a Thousand Coils opens at PSYCHE, Science Gallery Bangalore

An empathetic insight into the minds of people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD)

The interactive game Translates the internal topographies of an anxious mind into spaces — presenting an opportunity to engage with the anxious mind.

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Our work propagates a research-backed spatial design approach across domains of street design, food systems, water security, waste management and air pollution.

Things we do ︎︎︎

Facilitating interaction, collaboration & collective action

Platforms and tools across physical and digital mediums that facilitate dialogue among people, groups and organizations.

Design for deeper connectedness with our environment

Transparency of urban infrastructure to promote greater acknowledgement of resources that sustain everyday life.

Iterative systems design approach to pilot new futures

Ecosystems where partners work together to navigate ever-evolving needs and socio-climatic realities.