Architecture for Dialogue

Spatial research, design and experimentation to explore alternate habitat futures.

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In a short span of time, AfD has propagated a research-backed design approach across domains like street design, food systems, water security, waste management and air pollution.

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How might our homes adapt to poor air?

‘My house is ill’ is an immersive exhibit housed at Khoj Studios, inviting visitors to a home adapting to persistent air pollution in Delhi.

Displayed as part of ‘Does the Blue Sky Lie’ program by KHOJ and Prince Claus Fund. Collaboration with Salil Parekh.

Architectural fiction to decode an anxious mind 

‘The Serpent of a Thousand Coils’ is a browser-based interactive game that presents an empathetic insight into the minds of people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD)

Displayed as part of PSYCHE 2022, Science Gallery Bengaluru. Collaboration with Anuj Malhotra and co.

HOW MIGHT new delhi BECOME cycle friendly?

Working with NDMC to execute tactical street design interventions and pilot cycle-friendly infrastructure in New Delhi

Part of India Cycles4Change challenge 2020, organised by the Smart Cities Mission and MoHUA
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