Virtual Conference

NAOP-IITB Conference

National Academy of Psychology (NAOP) in association with the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay) hosted their 31st annual convention on

AfD hosted the conference on Gather which witnessed participation from over 350 scientists, clinical practitioners, researchers, and students across Indian and international institutions.
Depanshu Gola
Archita Goyal

Supported by
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (Department of Psychophysiology)

2 weeks

Time active
March 4-6, 2022


The National Academy of Psychology (NAOP) is a national organisation of professional psychologists in India. For their 31st annual convention, NAOP was on the lookout for virtual platforms to host the conference.

Acknowledging the limitations of Zoom webinars, IIT-Bombay’s Psychophysiology department reached out to AfD to help conceptualise and setup the event in a virtual environment and onboard over 300 students and faculty across India during the course of the event.


Conference Spaces


Placemaking + wayfinding

Ending notes

A high-profile, state-run academic institution in India choosing to host a conference on a virtual environment came with its own challenges like administrative approvals and onboarding participants of all ages (students and professors).

A custom onboarding guide and test-runs before the event made the conference easy and enjoyable for all participants.

We are deeply grateful to the Psychophysiology Laboratory at IIT-Bombay for trusting us with hosting the conference virtually. Special shoutouts to Professor Azizuddin Khan and Yash Vardhan.

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