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Figment NFT Country Club

Virtual Country Club is a space designed for Figment’s community to live, work and play together. Members join from around the globe to connect with fellow WEB3 natives for active community building.

The virtual space creates spaces to host over 1000 people over conferences, NFT art exhibitions, concerts and spaces for co-working and socialisation. Above all, the project formed an exercise in discovering what Indian virtual spaces could look like. AfD took roles of conceptualization, production and deployment of the space.

Figment is a boutique hospitality group known for placemaking creative communities in Singapore

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Figment Boutique Hospitality

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12 weeks


Figment is a boutique hospitality group known for placemaking creative communities in Singapore.The Country Clubs Initiative is Figment’s attempt to venture into WEB3 worlds and offer their members virtual real estate to connect with the community.


Havelis of Shahjahanabad

The brief called for Country Clubs to represent their respective contexts.

We found inspiration in the Havelis of the Shahjahanabad and their fascinating compositions of courtyards, balconies and terraces. Adorned with intricate carvings, and a mix of wood, cast iron and stone.


Public life atop terraces in Delhi

As Indian metropolises densify, humble terraces act as shared public spaces where residents come out for sun and play. When multiple open spaces look into each other — they form a shared gathering space.


The map is designed as a vibrant cityscape of interconnected rooftops which offer a unique way of exploring Indian urbanity and lifestyle.


Building a complex voxelscape!

We used MagicaVoxel to build the map and assets as custom voxel geometry. The tool allowed us to build a complex geometry in a short timeframe and experiment with lighting.


Translating physical references into virtual

Next step was to plan details that we observed on our field trips into elements of surprise and wonder in the virtual map.


A vibrant cityscape of interconnected rooftops

The final map is imagined as a cluster of buildings with interconnected terraces. Traditional haveli-like structures are visualised with a lens of futurism — blending the past and the future of the city in a playful experience, full of discoveries.
The design flips common notions of a clubhouse — from a restricted indoor space reserved for few to an open terrain of terraces presenting endless possibilities of congregating, interaction and activation.


Dedicated indoor spaces for activities and use cases

The terraces offer access to indoor spaces. Members move through staircases to move across floors dedicated to NFT-art galleries, co-working spaces and workshops  — imagination is the only limit!


Stepwell conferences

The town hall is conceptualised within the space to host large gatherings. Deviating from the generic notion of large halls, the area took its inspiration from step-wells and Havelis to create a series of halls to host upto 500 people at once.


Custom furniture assets

The terrace map is built with permanent furniture elements as breakout spaces along the edges with free space to be occupied by exhibitions, advertisements or seating.


The project commissioned three agencies in three countries to conceptualize virtual spaces representing their geographical contexts.

On an alternate note, might the metaverse hold potential for testing novel spatial typologies? This project demonstrates how rooftops in India have immense potential as public spaces.

How about that!

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