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Delhi Agrocity

Join us in envisioning a future where farmers find a place in the city and reside among consumers.

As a city experiencing rapid urbanization and soon to be the most populous in the world, Delhi offers a particularly relevant environment to study the integration of agricultural practices within a city-system.

Understanding food production challenges and emerging consumer cultures led us to speculate how some dots might connect to form regenerative and nourishing food futures for the city.

With farmers extremely marginalised and consumers unaware, the future raises some critical questions for Delhi's food systems.

Who will grow our food?

The number of farmers in India has been falling as rural India slowly adapts a non-farm economy. Lack of incentives and favourable conditions for farmers poses a risk of losing agricultural skill and wisdom.

Who’s hungry and who’s not?

By 2050, India’s population would reach 1.7 billion people and the country expects 55-60% of that to be living in cities. The population in Delhi is expected to cross 35 million and food demand is expected to rise two-folds.

Can food systems be climate-resilient?

Rising temperatures, erratic weather patterns and CO2 concentration are expected to impact crop growth and endanger our food system significantly. Agricultural systems will be tested for their viability and resilience.

How might we revive agriculture as a viable livelihood in a hyper-urbanised future?   


Delhi : A Gastronomic Paradise

Home to some of the best farmers in the world, Delhi boasts of fresh flavours and nutrient-rich diets. The capital city also hosts the biggest culinary festival in Asia, and for a reason — a unique model where food is grown just where it is savoured. Delhiwallas have since long been big foodies at heart, and the steadily growing locavorian culture is putting Delhi on the map as a gastronomic paradise.

Delhiwallas are regaining their pride with the city that was somewhere lost to concerns of air pollution, water scarcity and the resulting intense political climate. Agriculture is bringing Delhiites from different backgrounds and economic classes together and is acting as the motor behind social change.

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