How might we make work-from-home more humane?

CONCEPT Prototype


April 2020

The recent pandemic has transformed the way we gather — for work, recreation and company. As businesses adjust to newer ways, work from home has been the go-to-norm. Dependence on digital tools and platforms increases, emerging to be effective alternatives to physical gathering spaces much like urban squares, commercial centres and parks.

We set out to explore the role of sound in creating a sense of gatheredness, and came up with HUDDLE, a digital experience concept which imitates real time physical proximities.


Huddle is inspired by spontaneous discussions and sense of gathering and connectedness that we otherwise experience in shared physical spaces.

As players navigate a simulated digital space, their mutual proximities determine the volume levels of one another, enable them to start impromptu conversations or engage with other sound elements.

Design and Development

We developed a  prototype using the super fun p5.js and p5.sound libraries which allowed us to build out ideas quickly. Kudos to the Processing foundation for making coding easy and accessible!

It took us a couple of days to put together a single player mock up testing the concept of sound, proximity and some auxiliary features like headphones.

Next, we couldn’t resist but jump into some visual work — baking in typography, iconography, colours, interactions and basic visual feedback.

Visual studies for Huddle
Though we initially conceptualised it as a platform for work-from-home, Huddle’s simple code can lend itself to a variety of use cases across education, participation and performances.

So, where’s the demo? ︎︎︎

HUDDLE remains a conceptual single-player prototype. We are not built as a technology company, so the plan is to evolve it as and when resources gather. We would also like your support in taking this further and keep a constant ︎ out for collaborations on the project — whether it be tech help in developing the next prototype, ideas on how it can find use in more use cases or funding.

The project has been possible due to open source resources and we happily extend that spirit. Feel free to adapt the concept for a project of your own — we’d love to know what you do with it! ︎

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