Architecture for Dialogue engages in spatial innovation and conversations around urban systems.

We are a young collective of architects, curious about our cities, worried about its pressing issues and motivated to take charge and make a change. Our work explores invisible layers in cities — food, water, waste, mobility and people.

We are based out of Delhi, India.

Send us an email at: team@afd.city



Abhimanyu Singhal

is a multidisciplinary designer working at the intersection of cities, environment and digital products. He currently works as a design researcher to explore how design for interactions and experiences can have an impact on the relationship between people and their environment.


Depanshu Gola

is a practising architect and visual designer with interests in urbanism, spatial innovations and computational design. He has conscious interests in resource-efficient design solutions. He is currently involved in different projects focussing on promoting resilience in our cities.


Interested in talking cities and spatial strategy?

Say hello! ︎ team@afd.city
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