Architecture for Dialogue engages in spatial innovation and conversations around urban systems.

We are a young collective of architects and researchers specialising in spatial design and strategy. Our work strives to bridge research and design to explore alternate typologies which facilitate and foster new ways of living.

We are based out of Delhi, India.

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Depanshu Gola is a practising architect and visual designer with interests in urban systems, spatial innovations and computational design. He loves to engage in design that adds value to experience and comfort while experimenting with new systems, approaches and technologies.

Abhimanyu Singhal is a multidisciplinary designer working at the intersection of cities, environment and digital products. He strives to explore how design for interactions and experiences can have an impact on the relationship between people and their environment.


Nishant Chauhan
Madhu Priyanka
Kanchan Joneja
Dhruv Singhal
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Our intent is to reimagine cities — bit by bit through physical and digital interventions to improve quality of urban life. We employ an iterative approach to urbanism based on a cyclic process of prototyping, testing, analysing, and refining to inform spatial design and strategy.

 start small, start right 

Smaller experiments form an important inclusion to the design process — each iteration is used as a form of research for informing and evolving the project.

 embrace complexity 

We are constantly learning from informalities and organic innovations in Indian cities. Contextual research and public engagement is an important part of our design process.

 inspire and be inspired 
 by dialogue 

People should be able to participate in decisions that shape their lives. These decisions include the design of the built environment. Iterative approach enables and encourages user participation and feedback.

 architecture beyond building 

While sustainable construction is associated with leaner construction and green building operations, the idea of reducing the need for the construction itself remains unexplored. We think hard before we build.

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